I am enthusiastic about big ideas.

I want to work in the creative industries.

I am a foremostly a Communicator, secondly a Creator. If I do not know,

I will ask, then seek more.


I will take a risk, I am passionate, I learn each and every day.


22, Wales, UK.

Being raised in a small Welsh town and brought up around groups of people taught me more about collaboration and communication, than most learn young. That always paired well with my creative interests, leading to me completing an honours degree at the No.1 university in Europe (Princeton Review) for video game courses, Abertay University. This was a huge personal achievment. 

At my core exists a want to live a full and meaningful life. Creativity has always been one outlet for me to push that, to make positive change and impact people's lives for the better, and I intend to continue that for many years yet.


Outside of my work, I am a happy and motivated individual with a love for learning that has always dictated my next move. Over time, I have developed many interests outside of my work, including martial arts, language learning and travel.