Corde Du Roi


Corde Du Roi are a 4 piece progressive rock band based in Dundee. Corde Du Roi prides itself on a fundamentally retro and all inclusive sound. The band was formed in November 2020, fronted by lead singer Daniel Richardson, Bassist Alex Campbell, Guitarist Hal Willows Ritchie and Drummer Elliot Giles.

Working closley with all members of the band, we focus on developing their aesthetic direction. Close personal friends of mine, together we have adopted a no rush mentality to art direction intended to allow the band breathing room to develop their skills and experience. Corde Du Roi is a name to remember and I intend to give them every chance at sucess I can.


Wesley K Chambers is a Welsh born, interdisciplinary Producer with a background in Graphic, Print and Video Game Design. Currently, he is freelancing in Scotland while he maintains his search for a permanent industry position.

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