Become closer to your favourite brand than ever before, LIFE is the new digital platform for Nike lovers across the world. Now, you and your friends, coaches and clients have a place to share your experience with favoured Nike products and services.

Nike LIFE is a non-commercial project, created in order to showcase my skills and the potential of what I can produce. Everything from crafting the idea to producing the graphics was completed over a 48 hour period. During that Design Jam, I was able to produce a one-page product website, a full app prototype, 3 social media graphics, two portrait billboards, and choice of iconography.

The App.

The LIFE app was prototyped in order to display the aestethic and functionality of the mobile Nike LIFE experience. 5 screens were designed, including a loading page, Content Feed, Groups Display, Network Dashboard and a Profile. These together encompassing all of the intended features for Nike LIFE.

Advertisement & Social Media Graphics.




Wesley K Chambers is a Welsh born, interdisciplinary Producer with a background in Graphic, Print and Video Game Design. Currently, he is freelancing in Scotland while he maintains his search for a permanent industry position.

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